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Meet Marty Boggs, a session musican whose journey through the realms of sound began in 2002!

From the outset, Marty immersed himself in the vibrant world of music, showcasing his exceptional talents as a drummer and bass guitarist. His musical prowess quickly caught the attention of various bands, leading him to become a sought-after session musician for notable acts like Sweeet Action, Mindil Beach, Hype Man and The Worms.
However, it was his decade-long stint as a full-time member of Deep Sea Gypsies that truly defined Marty's musical odyssey. For over 10 years, he contributed his rhythmic magic to the band, traversing the length and breadth of Canada. The stage became his canvas, and alongside Deep Sea Gypsies, Marty shared spotlight moments with legendary acts such as April Wine, Trooper, Colin James, Big Wreck, Jesse Roper, Brass Camel, and many more.
Marty's versatility extends beyond drums and bass, showcasing his ability to master almost any musical instrument. His passion for music, ingrained in his very being, fueled his desire to create and innovate. In 2018, Marty embarked on a new chapter, giving birth to Surely Sound Studio, a creative haven where musical dreams come to life
At Surely Sound, Marty has helmed the production of several notable albums, including the critically acclaimed "Check Your Pockets" by Deep Sea Gypsies. His dedication to crafting exceptional soundscapes has solidified Surely Sound Studio as a go-to destination for artists seeking a blend of expertise, creativity, and sonic excellence. Marty Boggs continues to shape the musical landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the industry with every beat and note








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