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Est. 2018 in Langford BC

Welcome to the official website for Surely Sound Studio. Owner-operator Marty Boggs, and his friends are a great group of multi-talented, multi-genre musicians who are happy to HELP YOU take your art to the next level and beyond. We are all looking forward to meeting and creating with you!

Instrumental Shorts

The Vault

Black Sabbath Cover!

Jean (Gran) Vantreight

Marty Boggs


Drums, Bass Guitar - Rock, Blues, Live Beats

Also plays Guitar, Piano, Mandolin

Marty Boggs  started his music career at Dunsmuir Middle School in 2003. From there he has played bass guitar and the drums in numerous other groups such as Deep Sea Gypsies, Sweeet Action, House Band, The Slides, as well as a Western Canadian Tour with Mindil Beach Markets. Playing mostly in and around Vancouver Island for the last 16 years he has made great connections in the local music scene as well as internationally and is very happy to help grow the music community.

Johnny Regimbal


Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar - Bluegrass, Rock, Blues

Instrumental Shorts

100 BPM 3 Riffs in E – Smooth Punchy Bass Guitar, Crisp Drums, Nice Beats, Big Fills, Heavy at the End(1:12)
110 BPM 5 Riffs in A – Crunchy Rock Bass and Rock Drums with a very nice Snare Sound.(1:11)
COW BELL and 3 Quick Riffs, Semi Fuzz Rickenbacker Bass and Crispy Drums. Perfect for quick interludes in your show. (8 sec) (22 sec) (28 sec) aprox
Crunchy Guitar, Bass and tight drums. Poppy short transition lick (19sec)

Full Band Rock Songs

Ride With The Wind – Motorcycle sounds, crunchy guitars, heavy bass, and big drums (4:32)
Lets Try Love – Money lead vocals, rolling bass line, big reverby drums, catching guitar licks, Big Chorus, Back up Vox and Sax (2:31)
Until Its Gone(MP3) – Simple 2 chord song, Clean rythem guitar, Slow bend leads, mono tone vocals, on and on, fade out ending (3:36)


Marty Boggs ~

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